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About Us

We're committed to senior care done right.

Magnolia House Senior Living was founded in 2013 by Shelia Bowers, a licensed nurse with over forty years experience working with both the elderly and the mentally handicapped/traumatic brain injured in homecare and outpatient settings. She also spent twenty years caring for her mother with Alzheimer's Disease, an experience that strengthened her desire to combine her professional and practical knowledge into a different model of senior care.


Disillusioned with seeing large senior care corporations hiking rates as care needs changed and trying to make residents to fit into a rigid schedule designed to increase profits, she instead aimed to create a serene home-like environment that would allow residents to remain in place for as long as possible at an affordable rate. With a focus on flexibility, relaxation, and community, Magnolia House Senior Living and its staff aim to assist each resident with living comfortably and joyfully as possible for as long as possible.

Located just a few minutes north of the city of Davison, Magnolia House Senior Living is situated on a large estate in a rural area,  conveniently located within a few minutes drive of several churches, libraries, local Senior Centers, parks, a variety of health care providers and many wonderful restaurants and shops. 

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